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Ideas for a calming fall ritual.

Pumpkin is everywhere! One of our absolute favorites is roasting pumpkin seeds. We looked forward to carving pumpkins each year. Scooping out the slimy insides to create scary jack-o'-lanterns leaves piles of pumpkin seeds to roast. We actually learned how to do this as kids reading Mother Earth News.

A world of possibilities presented itself with every issue of Mother Earth. As part of the "back-to-the-land" movement in the 70's, we learned organic growing techniques for the garden, how to feed the animals and information on farming. There were articles on cooking and canning, building things, science experiments, animals and insects behavior - all great things for kids with access to streams, fields and nature. We still have issues from their early startup days!

Give these recipes a try: “Roasted Pumpkin Syrup Recipe” or one of our favorites, “Roasted Pumpkin Seeds” and of course "Pumpkin Soup".

Add Roasted Pumpkin Syrup to your favorite latte. Fall flavors are so relaxing and comforting. Pumpkin is also one of our favorite superfoods!

Roast pumpkin ready for the Roasted Pumpkin Syrup recipe.

Pumpkin seeds - simple to roast in the oven. Use sea salt or add some spice. These are great sprinkled on top of the Pumpkin Soup.

Pumpkin soup. How comforting is this on a fall night? Easy to make all three pumpkin recipes at the same time. More time to relax!

Mother Earth News is still going strong - check out their site:

Berry & Blue, for your journey towards calmness.


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