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Berry & Blue Relief Body Balm

$28.00 Regular Price
$18.20Sale Price

Deeply moisturize, calm inflammation and relieve sore muscles with luscious Berry & Blue Body Balm. The super-seed oils in our advanced AlphaBerry™ Complex work synergistically with premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and other powerful phytonutrients to intensely nourish, protect and soothe skin. Massage into hands, feet, knees or wherever your body needs a little love. Perfect post-workout or at bedtime.



Botanical actives, terpenes and essential oils like Lemongrass, Rose, Blue Tansy and Lavender evoke herbal and floral notes with hints of berry in our subtle, gender-neutral fragrance.


    Start with a small amount of balm - the size of a small pea - and rub in thoroughly. A very small amount goes a long way. For maximum results - apply multiple layers - letting each absorb before applying the next.


    Hemp Seed Oil*, AlphaBerry™ Complex* (Elderberry, Blueberry, Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Blackberry and Strawberry Seed Oils*), Camelina Oil*, Shea Butter*, Beeswax*, Rose Hip Oil*, Oat Oil*, Cacao Butter*, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, Black Seed Oil*, Arnica*, Vitamin E Oil, Phyto Elderberry, Comfrey, Essential Oils* (Lemongrass, Rose, Blue Tansy, Yarrow, Clary Sage, Lavender), Limonene, Linalool. *ORGANIC

    90% or more organic ingredients.

    Contains 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract per ounce.